We provide development management services and front-end design consultancy for Singapore and Malaysian owners developing property in Western Australia. We understand our client’s business, expectations and culture and are successful at communicating their goals and aspirations effectively to the local context.

Singapore/Malaysian owners

  1. Nambeelup Industrial Park Subdivision (LAW Group, Msia)

  2. Luna Maxi and Rendezvous Masterplan (Far East Organisation, Spore)

  3. Watertown Masterplan (Far East Organisation, Spore)

  4. Hyatt Regency and Fortescue Centre redevelopment, Adelaide Terrace, Perth ( Tuan Sing )

  5. Nambeelup Industrial Estate (Law Group)

  6. Quest hotel 11 storey 72 keys, 54 Kings Park Road ( Exklusiv)

  7. Anderson Street Service Apartments, Port Hedland, 240-Beds (Centurion Accommodation  Australia )

  8. RMITV Student Housing, Melbourne (Centurion Accommodation  Australia)

  9. Southgate redevelopment , Victoria Park, WA ( Spore private owner)

  10. Port Coogee Masterplan (Frasers )*

  11. Port Coogee Apartments (Frasers)*

  12. Raffles University Midland campus (Raffles Education Group) *

* Projects completed at Woods Bagot


We manage the project design team and provide front-end design services for pre-acquisition due diligence, feasibility studies, preparation of design briefs, design competitions  and development approval applications.


  1. 110 key Hotel, Rottnest, WA

  2. Fairway student housing, Nedlands WA

  3. Broadway student housing,Nedlands, WA

  4. 18 Esplanade Hotel, Perth WA, 90 Keys


We specialise in the delivery of Design and Construct or Design and Build projects where there is an early contractor involvement on the design and cost control.

We conduct peer reviews and design reviews at an early stage prior and during the ECI period.


  1. Quest hotel 11 storey 72 keys, 54 Kings Park Road ( Exklusiv)

  2. 18 Esplanade Hotel, Perth WA, 90 keys