Factory Reviews

We are passionate about research and development and take every opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise. We undertake and conduct study tours of modular buildings and factories throughout the world. We also assist manufacturers design processes and develop new products.

  1. CIMC Modular (Verbus system),China

  2. Siam Steel, Thailand

  3. CnT, Thailand

  4. Lifesbox, Thailand

  5. UB (Hickory), Melbourne, Australia

  6. Modscape, Melbourne , Australia

  7. Prebuilt, Melbourne, Australia

  8. AM Modular, Malaysia

  9. Caledonian Modular, UK

  10. Waco Modular, UK

  11. Unite Modular, UK

  12. Futureform, UK

  13. Posco Modular, South Korea

  14. Zeta Design Build, California, USA

  15. Horkew, Singapore

  16. TLC, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

  17. Yahgee, Changshu, China

  18. PIndan Modular, Perth Australia

  19. Greyform, Singapore

  20. Pruksa, Thailand