The benefits of adopting Volumetric construction are:

Offsite :

  1. allows for higher accuracy, precision and control on finish quality in the factory

  2. safety can be monitored and controlled within a factory environment

  3. work carried out under cover so progress is not affected by inclement weather


  1. less time required - onsite work can commence while modules are being constructed offsite

  2. less labour required onsite

  3. safer process particularly for high-rise construction

Overall, the benefit to Developers is a reduction in time and the financial benefit associated with that. If the project is managed, designed and supervised well, then the developer should benefit from higher quality and lower cost than conventional construction.

Start from the end.

Installation and transport

The first thing to consider is how the modules will be delivered and erected on site. If there are limitations of access, reach and height, volumetric modular construction may not be the solution and a component based prefabricated method may be more appropriate.

It is important to work out the approximate size of a module that can be transported on the roads ( eg limitations of height - overhead gantries etc) and its weight.  A crane supplier and operator should be consulted at the outset to determine the crane position, size, lifting , crane reach and lay down /pick up locations.

Module design

It is critical to incorporate the principles of modular design in to the concept. Changing it later from a traditional to modular will affect room widths, GFA, fire compliance etc.  Consult at the very outset for the appropriate dimension, size and range of options to suit the building design and site/transport constraints.

Key issues that will affect the module design

  1. -module lengths and room widths

  2. -fire safety and compliance

  3. -acoustic requirements and compliance

  4. -HVAC system

Prefab Design

Volumetric Modular Construction is being proposed in Singapore as a method of construction to increase productivity on site and reduce the demand of labour.