Modular Design Consultancy

We specialise in providing technical advice for modular construction projects.  We are vendor neutral and offer  independent advice and peer review for projects in Australia , Singapore, Malaysia and Maldives


Tune Hotel

Alda was engaged by the modular manufacturer to provide design management. This involved implementing design project controls to monitor the progress, change requests and change orders. Design and drawings were prepared by the Manufacturer and reviewed by Alda with visit to the factory and inspection of prototype and materials on a periodic basis.

Builder: AM Modular

Design Manager : Alda Consultants

Manufacturer: AM Modular

Structural Engineer: Prompt Engineering

Alda’s initial role was to identify suitable modular manufacturers for Summit Northwest and then obtain quotations from the selected manufacturers. Once the manufacturer was selected Alda’s role was to manage the design and documentation of the manufactured modules and liaise and coordinate the communication between the Owner, Builder and Modular Manufacture

Architect: A+A Macliver

Builder: Summit Northwest

Design Manager : Alda Consultants

Manufacturer: Siam Steel, Thailand

Structural Engineer: Prompt Engineering

Alda was engaged by Aurecon Australia (EPCM) to provide a peer review of the  modular hotel style accommodation for Rio Tinto’s workers in the remote Northwest of WA. This project was delivered in a D&C contract where the modules were design and procured from China.

Architect: CCN

Builder: Diploma Construction

Design Peer Review : Alda Consultants

Manufacturer: CIMC

EPCM : Aurecon Australia

Elberton Apartments

Wickham Lodge

Onslow, Western Australia

Manufacturer: Siam Steel

Malacca, Malaysia

Manufacturer: AM Modular

Wickham, Western Australia

Manufacturer: CIMC