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DfMA Training

Alda regularly shares our knowledge at global conferences and offer training in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) tailored to design professionals and property developers. Alda has conducted training for Building Authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong. It has also participated at DfMA seminars at Hong Kong University and Monash University in Clayton and Kuala Lumpur.

Aug 2024DfMA training (2-day webinar),  Webinar Speaker.
Nov 2023Singapore Annual Modular & Prefab Construction  Speaker and Masterclass
Aug 2023Kuala Lumpur MY Monash University School of Engineering, Guest Lecturer
Sept 2022Brisbane, AU PrefabAus Annual Conference, Plenary Speaker
Aug 2022Kuala Lumpur MY Monash University School of Engineering, Guest Lecturer
July 2022Singapore 10th Annual Modular & Prefab Construction  Speaker.
Jun 2021Africa DfMA training (2-day webinar),  Webinar Speaker.
Apr 2021Kuala Lumpur MY Malaysian Institute of Engineers CPD,  Webinar Speaker.
Nov 2019Kuala Lumpur MY Affordable Housing Projects Workshop facilitator.
Jul 2019Singapore 8th Modular & Prefab Construction Speaker.
Apr 2019Kuala Lumpur MY Affordable Housing Projects Workshop facilitator.
Apr 2019Kuala Lumpur MY DfMA Workshop (1-day training) Trainer.
Mar 2019Singapore Specialist Diploma in DfMA BCA Academy Speaker.
Jan 2019Monash University AU Modular Conference Speaker.
Nov 2018Singapore Construction Excellence Prefab & Modular Construction Speaker.
Apr  2018Hong Kong University HK MiC training (1-Day) Trainer.
Jun 2018Singapore DfMA training (April - June), BCA Academy Trainer.
Nov 2017Singapore Precast and Modular Conference Masterclass presenter.
May 2017Bangkok TH Modular & Precast Conference Speaker.
Nov 2016Singapore Excellence in Modular Conference Masterclass presenter.
May 2016Bangkok TH Modular & Precast Conference Speaker.
Oct 2015London UK “Modular Singapore Experience”, UK Offsite Construction Speaker.
Sep 2015 Singapore “Modular construction for Singapore Architects”, CDP SIA Speaker.
Jul 2015Singapore “Modular construction for Singapore”, BCA Academy Speaker.
Mar 2015Las Vegas, USA  “Modular Made in Malaysia”, World of Modular Speaker.
Mar 2011Sydney, Australia “Moving towards Modular”, Property Council NSW Speaker.