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HK CIC awards Innocell

In October 2020, InnoCell has become the first completed high-rise building in Hong Kong adopting Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology to provide a smart living and co-creation community. To celebrate such remarkable achievement, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) will present commemorative plaques to HKSTP and the project team on 12 January 2021.

Steel PPVC Research Paper

Alda and Ramboll are jointly preparing an academic research paper with Dr YS Chua from Monash University. This academic research paper will analyse the application of adopting the patented Candle loc connection for high rise PPVC steel buildings and feature recent case study projects in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Hebel PPVC in 2021

Alda has been engaged by Teepee Projects to prepare an ECI Tender for their first SDA apartments in Western Australia. This ECI Tender is based on using the patented Hebel PPVC Volumetric Modular system developed by Alda and MYD Engineers.

Singapore PPVC mockup

Alda Consultants and Ramboll Engineers are preparing fabrication shopdrawings for a mockup in Singapore to demonstrate the Solibox concrete volumetric system using patented Candle Loc connection system for acceptance by the Singapore Building Construction Authority's Building Innovation Panel (BIP).

Hong Kong schools adopting modular construction

ADRG (Hong Kong Architectural Firm) has engaged Alda Consultants as MiC specialist for two new schools in Hong Kong. The schools are located in Kai Tak and Wong Tai Sin.