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Steel Modular Mockup [MY]

Alda Consultants was engaged to design and provide specialist modular consultancy for a prototype of a steel modular system using the patented Candle Loc connection developed by Imax Modular SG. Alda was responsible for the architectural design, coordination of consultants and review of fabrication shop-drawings. The modules were manufactured in Johor and transported to Kuala Lumpur. Alda Consultants was engaged in collaboration with Sterling Engineers and Imax Modular to create a 5-storey steel modular mockup in Kwasa Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. Link to video

Architectural Design: Andrew Lian, Gordon Wong (Alda Consultants) | Modular Advisor: Andrew Lian, Gordon Wong (Alda Consultants) | Structural Engineer: Sterling Engineers SG | Fabrication Specialist: Desmond Poh (Imax Modular SG)